Company History

The first new car that Steve Forristall had when he was a kid was a 1966 Mustang Fastback G.T. that was Silver with black standard interior and, of course, a four-speed. So, as you can see, his love affair with the Mustang started long ago. While attending the University of Texas at Austin, Forristall became obsessed with the desire to race cars with the Sports Car Club of America. He did this for a number of years. To make a long story short, his racing connections got him started in the classic car business. The year was 1971.


Forristall stopped racing in SCCA a few years later because it became evident that without major sponsorship, you couldn’t compete with the BIG BOYS. If you have ever raced on this level, you understand that the racing bug (or disease as some people call it) is always there. The racing bug bit him again. This time he turned his passion to Vintage Racing, which is incredibly popular both with the drivers and the spectators. Forristall raced in Vintage both in the U.S. and Europe. His last race was the FIRST re-running of the Pan-American Road Race. His co-pilot was the world famous Indy racecar driver, Jim Hurtubise. In his last race (until the bug bites again) Forristall won 5 out of 6 flat-out race stages in the big bore class in the Carrera Road Race.


Forristall’s is a company is that is very well known and has sold cars all over the world. For a number of years, Forristall’s had a large freeway location with approximately 30 employees. Steve Forristall will tell you that although the cars that passed through his hands at this time were absolutely incredible in their rarity and desirability, he was not able to do what he loved the most – that was stay in close contact with the cars. He was now a personnel manager. After approximately 10 years of this he decided to scale to a very small company. He did this to regain his sanity and most importantly to be able to "enjoy" the cars again. When you call on the phone or come to his 6,000 square foot indoor facility you will actually talk to him; not a secretary or a salesman who does not know the answers to any of your questions.


As a result of this lower over-head, the prices on the cars are much more competitive than the prices dealers that have to maintain those large expensive locations. He knows, he used maintained one of those expensive locations for 10 years.


Forristall's has always bought and sold cars that Stephen Forristall liked or had special interest in. In this way, he could experience a certain car that he always wanted but never had. WHAT A JOB!! The primary cars that Forristall's deals with are Mustangs, w:st="on"> w:st="on">Shelby’s and high-horsepower ‘60’s Galaxies and Fairlanes. Occasionally, other interesting cars are sold, such as late model Cobras, Mustangs or different ‘60’s Muscle cars. So, you never know what you might see in this web site. If you go to the Gallery of Cars, you’ll be treated to seeing some really neat Cobras, GT 40’s, Shelby’s and other assorted cars that we have sold, restored or that may possibly be for sale in the near future.


Forristall's inventory does not consist exclusively of highly restored cars. We know some of our customers love to restore their own cars. Sometimes it is an excellent way of relaxing at the end of a hard day or week. If Forristall's has a project car, more than likely the body of the car is in very good condition. Sometimes VERY RARE SHELBY’S or Mustangs are purchased with body problems. But, because of their rarity it is worth the time, money and effort to save a RARE CAR.

Forristall's will also have a section for rare parts for sale for Shelby’s, Mustangs, and Galaxies. Even rare engines will be available for sale. We will sale any rare part or engine on consignment. Just let us know what you have.


Forristall's is a very small company. Steve Forristall wants to be able to give you his undivided attention when you come to his showroom. Because of this, an appointment is preferred so that he would not have to share your valuable time with someone that did not make an appointment. He likes to give personalized service to you when you have taken the time to visit his location.


Steve Forristall and his company have been the subject of numerous articles in many significant periodicals, magazines and newspapers such as Road and Track, Car and Driver, Autoweek, Houston Business Journal, Houston Post, Texas Monthly and even Forbes Magazine, plus more. It’s nice to know that you are not only dealing with a well-known respected company, but also a company that has been in the car business for over 43 years. Obviously, they are doing something right!

Hope you enjoy the website. Remember – the inventory changes all the time, so keep in touch with us.