1993 Vibrant Red Cobra

If you have been looking for an unmolested and original Cobra you understand how hard it is to find an example like this.  This rare Fox-Bodied Cobra has only 14400 actual miles.  I purchased it several years ago from the fanatical original owner. I sold it immediately to an astute private collector in the Houston area.  It is only available as a result of this collector purchasing a very significant and expensive Mustang from me to enhance his already impressive collection.

I consulted my records and noted that the only thing done to prepare this car for sale was to use a special detailing brushes to alleviate the wax and polish build-up in a very few areas over a period of this Cobras pampered life. When this stunning Vibrant Red Cobra arrived at my dealership by enclosed trailer the collector’s detailer told me he put on a very nice polish and wax job on the car. He then proceeded to get his detail brush out and remove any polish or wax residue out of any cracks or hard to reach places.

This beautiful Cobra has some very rare and desirable options. Please note the sunroof, rear window defroster, sensational grey leather and the stereo tape player plus all the other normal options. This car has not been modified in anyway and even has its original exhaust and original tires.  The underside has all the factory markings as it did when it came down Ford’s assembly line.  When I opened the door at my dealership for the first time I was I was almost knocked down by that great new car smell that is obviously very rare to have in a 15 year old car.

Remember they did not make many of these fox-bodied Cobras and most of them have been highly abused and modified plus most of them have been exposed to the elements and quite a few have been driven in the snow and ice. This is not one of those Cobras! Please call me with any questions that I can answer .to assist you in purchasing this wonderful Cobra. 

Steve Forristall  281-531-9090