1968 Fastback GT

Very nice Candy Apple Red paint with restored black interior. These 67 and 68 Fastbacks are one of the HOTTEST Muscle Cars on the planet. Please do not confuse this particular car with a new Dynacorn body or an original car that as new reproduction fenders, doors, rocker panels, floors, etc., etc. Additional pictures of the interior and engine compartment will soon follow.

I have known this car for along time and it has lived in Houston, Texas inside with a car cover on it for years. It has a very, very, nice original body and very nice original floors. I have been in this business since 1971 and I know what factors make one car worth more than another. The main factor is how original are the body and floors. Like I said, do not confuse this car with a Dynacorn body or a car that has had almost everything replaced on it.

The serial number on this car indicates that it came with a “C” code motor, i.e. a 289 V/8 with a 2 bbl carb. It also had power steering, A/C and drum brakes. It does not have a motor, transmission or drive shaft. I have decided not to install an engine because I get so many calls from people looking for this exact car to build like they want it built. I can help you find motors, etc. That is NO problem.

Here is a listing of things we have done to the car. I am sure I will forget something, but I think you will get the idea. Front and rear seats redone with new burlap, springs and foam where needed; new floor carpet and package shelf carpet, new dash, door panels, window cranks, door handles, door knobs, repaint doors, new windshield, GT Wheels with three new tires, removed grill cleaned and re-sprayed, new fog lights and housings, new GT gas cap, cleaned and prepped entire engine bay and re-sprayed, new fender bolts, instrument cluster and dash trim on passenger side, hood molding, fuel tank filler pipe, hoses and clamps, new hood and grill molding.

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