1960 Corvette Convertible

If you were old enough in 1960 you were privileged enough to see a TV program on CBS called Route 66. Have you ever heard the phrase “Get your kicks on Route 66”; well, that is where the phrase came from. The plat revolved around a 1960 Corvette convertible just like this car. Two young men; George Maharis and Martin Milner drove through out the US on Route 66 and always found a mixture of trouble and of course good looking women. This program certainly helped Corvette sales I am sure. It was probably no coincidence that Corvette set sales record selling 10,261. This was the first time the Corvette sold more than 10,000 cars. Another noteworthy event in 1960 was in the 24 hours of Le Mans when the Briggs Cunningham team finished 8th overall with Bob Grossman and John Fitch driving.

Now let me tell you about this particular 1960 Vette. The Roman Red paint with Ermine White Coves is extremely nice and to me no color combination looks as good as this color combination. The interior is nice and is black. It has a new black soft top recently installed. Other recent additions include brand new 670X15 “wide whites” which look terrific on the car. It has been fitted with front disc brakes, but the new owner will get the original front drums with the car. It also has a T-10 close ratio transmission, aluminum tail shaft, spinner hub caps and Wonder bar radio. This Vette DOES NOT have its original engine, so please do not call me and ask me about 900 different date codes. This car was made to have fun with, not to take to NCRS shows. It has a 350 block with a casting number of 3970014. The heads are special heads with the canted valves. These canted valve heads were first introduced in 1963 on Chevy’s 427 Mystery Motor made for Stock Car Racing. They were nick named “Porcupine Heads”.

The intake manifold is aluminum and is a very special manifold. It came on 1964/65 Corvette with 350/365 H.P. It is called a 461 Intake. A new Edelbrock Carb has just been added. It also has some nice headers combined with a free flowing exhaust so it has that nice exhaust rumbled that all guys love to hear. The generator recently was replaces with an alternator inside the generator housing so you have the period correct look but the benefits of an alternator. This 1960 Classic Corvette is a blast to drive and everybody loves seeing it.

The body of the car is in very nice condition as is the frame. Pictures of the underside of the car are now available.

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